Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to Writing

It's been a while, but I'm back. I recently aggravated a hand injury and it totally derailed my writing for a while. In the interim I fleshed out several new works and concentrated on finishing my art studio/media center/author's den and am now only a few cheap pine boards away from completing the four-year project.

I needed a space to house my art, my music, my books (yes, I still have quite the collection of dead-tree tomes) and, of course, room to write. A new computer was thrown into the mix and a new surround sound system with the accompanying big screen TV completed the project. Now I can spend countless hours in my man cave and not have to come up for air at all.

It all goes to the point of feeling great about my surroundings and letting that emotion seep into the things I write. Stay tuned for photos and a look at the new digs in the near future.

My cover artist (Chris) is busy putting the next cover together for me, and as of this writing, The Belt Loop (Book Four) is on the way, probably around the first of June. My schedule has been pushed back by about three months and hopefully I can survive the keyboard pounding that's sure to come.

The Room. . . a work in progress

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Chip In Time - First Review

Five-Star Review
Thrilling Detective Fiction, February 6, 2012

This review is from: A Chip In Time (Danny DeVille - Detective) (Kindle Edition)

This thrilling science fiction murder mystery opens with a terrific opening line: `The thing about cheating is that it's just plain stupid'. This charming, no-nonsense opening salvo sets the tone for a thoroughly riveting read. I took this book with me on holiday, and it was so intriguing that I found myself looking forward to returning to my hotel just so I could read A Chip In Time.

Danny DeVille, the book's protagonist and narrator, in his own words, works hard and works smart, and immediately endears the reader to himself with his acutely perceptive skills and general attitude.

I do not wish to give too much of the pulsating plot away, but Danny soon teams up with Olivia Harris, a Special Agent from the future, and together they work one of the most interesting mysteries I have encountered in any genre. That would be enough for most writers, but the dynamic between our protagonists is terrific and adds another layer to an already brilliant book.

A Chip In Time is one of those rare books that fully realises its dramatic potential. A must read for any fans of detective fiction.
Wow! Thanks to Mr. Anand for his kind words. It is gratifying to know that the writing is actually enjoyable to some people. Many of us independent authors and publishers struggle with the writing, promoting, and constant waiting for reviews, good or bad. Not a lot of readers appreciate the energy and creativity that goes into a novel and few -- unless they have actually been through the writing wringer -- can understand the anticipation factor an author goes through waiting to see what others think of the work.
One review like this one makes it all worth while. Now I must get back to the writing, giving my arm a chance to heal after all the self-inflicted back-patting.

Friday, February 3, 2012


On the first of the month I finally finished A Chip In Time and posted it for sale on Kindle. This represents an accomplishment of sorts, since this was actually my first published novel (out of a drawer full of finished manuscripts) and I think it is a good read, a good story.

I decided to publish this through Amazon so it could join its companion piece The Hand Is Quicker. Together they represent over 310,000 words describing my vision of a future high-tech Las Vegas with accompanying high-tech bad guys to go along with the glitter and glamor of Sin City.

Thanks to Christopher for another great cover, hopefully this image will evoke thoughts as to what is contained within the electronic covers. This would be classified as mature reading material and it does contain mature language and situations. You would expect as much when looking through the hard-boiled eyes of Danny DeVille of Triple-D Investigations. Complete with a beautiful agent from the future, assorted government baddies, plenty of action, and the ultimate descent down the rabbit hole -- an alien time machine -- this book has it all.

The story was completely rewritten and has some new content, but it is very close to the original paperback version. Your comments and feedback are welcome!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Getting Back To Work

Well, it's been a good month, haven't written anything other than emails and blog posts. I sorta like the idea of taking off the entire month of December. It gives me the chance to sort out old business, plot and plan new works for the coming year, and catch up on the things happening around the world. December is great for recaps, all of the media outlets blasting at me with their "important events" of the past year.

Which gives me a chance to reflect on my own year, and point out a few things: in 2011 I published four novels totalling 452,000 words. Maybe not in the same category as some of my more prolific fellow writers, but, for me, that's an all-time high. Lots of writing going on this year and more planned for 2012. I am getting the rights back for my first novel and expect a second edition of A Chip In Time to become available as an eBook around the first of February. Next on my list of things to do will be the fourth installment in The Belt Loop series, look for that to be done on April 1st. Then the third installment in the Danny DeVille future Las Vegas series (working title: The G.O.D. Machine) should hit around June and The Belt Loop (Book Five) is planned for an August release. Rounding out 2012 will be the sixth Belt Loop book, maybe by November 1st. Then it's the month of December 2012 to relax and let my fingers heal.

Detail of Mind Over Matter © 1983 R. Jones

Having set my course for next year, all I have to do now is stick with it. Make my MIND up to get it done, spend all of the available productive hours in the day on writing and more writing. Now, if I can only get the MATTER to cooperate.

Next post: A Chip In Time update.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fan Art

The third book in The Belt Loop saga is published and I thought I would share some of the artwork developed by my son for the books. In the image below, the Malguurian strongman Bale Phatie is giving marching orders to some of his shock troops. In the militaristic Varson Domain, the commands of the Piru Torgud — Supreme Military Commander — must be followed to the letter or one might wind up losing his head. Bale Phatie's ceremonial sword removes more heads than a French guillotine.

Eventually I might be able to convince Chris to convert some of my books into graphic novels. Plenty of action, beautiful space scenes, fierce battles, and a strong cast of characters would make for an interesting visual read.

Artwork © 2011 Christopher A. Jones

The Belt Loop (Book One)
The Belt Loop (Book Two)
The Belt Loop (Book Three)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Belt Loop (Book Three)

       Bale Phatie wanted to know more about the new weapon. He was touring the weapons facilities on Rauud Mithie and, as was his custom, he inspected every department, interrogated every department head, and made a general nuisance of himself. After all, that was what a Piru Torgud — Supreme Military Commander — did.
       He braced Admiral Regiid, his new facilities department head, and demanded information about the new super weapon. He reminded the admiral not to bore him with useless engineering details. He was a warrior and a commander of men and not some pencil-necked bookworm who had time to bury his head in a bunch of technical manuals. Bale Phatie was feared by his men and he knew it. His mere presence in the room was enough to cause even the most battle-hardened military men to buckle in the knees and get jelly-legged when he spoke.
       “So, tell me again, admiral, why do you feel this new weapon is the answer to my prayers?”
       Ceendi Regiid stood about 200 centimeters and was lean and fit but he still had to look up at Phatie. The Piru Torgud was hovering over him like a dense cloud of toxic smoke on a breezeless day. Phatie shifted his weight slightly and the resulting noise from the array of chains and decorations he wore on his sash reminded Regiid of glass breaking. “Your eminence, this design is one for the ages, one the Deliverer himself would be honor-bound to support. It has all of the essentials you requested, it is a ‘Planet Killer’ without equal.”
       Phatie curled his bottom lip and put both of his fists on his narrow hips. His flowing green robe made swishing noises as he pushed his elbows to the side. He was excited about what he was hearing but he questioned the man invoking the name of the Deliverer. In Malguurian lore, the Deliverer — commonplace name for the central star of the home world of Canuure — was the Holiest of Holies. The star was called Voorsuune, a word that had been corrupted by the humans into “Varson” during the previous war. For the Malguur the star represented their one true God, the bringer of life, the Deliverer from all evil, the One Who Casts No Shadow. While not really a religious man, Phatie liked it when someone used the name of the Diety, affirming their absolute faith and belief in the things they espoused. If they were wrong, it made killing them much easier.

Book Three in The Belt Loop saga released today, another deep-space adventure with the intrepid sailors of the Colonial Navy. A few twists on the personal side for Uri Haad, as he finally meets the woman of his dreams!

Congrats to Christopher A. Jones (my son) for another exciting cover illustration.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Bad Guy

Book Three in the Belt Loop saga is nearly finished and headed to the editor. In Book Two I introduced the Colonial Navy to the head of the Varson Defense Forces, Bale Phatie. A militaristic madman that almost single-handedly resurrected the Varson Empire from the ash heap of defeat and launched the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way into another battle of supremacy.

Just what does this madman look like? He struts around the Malguur Domain with his cape and sword, has a propensity to remove heads at even the smallest of infractions, wears a chestful of medals and baubles, and his decorative chains rattle like the sound of breaking glass when he walks.

Given this discription, my cover artist Christopher Jones (my son) developed a visual for me. I was so mesmerized with his depiction of my Book Two baddie I wanted him incorporated into the cover illustration for Book Three.

Here is the first look at the Malguurian Madman, Bale Phatie:

Bale Phatie illustration courtesy Christopher A. Jones, November 2011

Look for this image to grace the cover of The Belt Loop (Book Three) - End of an Empire sometime during the first week of December. Next post: excerpts from Book Three.